Bernhard H. Mayer® – Jewellery

The prestige and reputation that Bernhard H. Mayer® has acquired amongst watch connoisseurs worldwide is not solely due to the resources of technical knowledge and exceptional skills contained in its horological workshops – the perfection of each timepiece stems from the consistency with which the Mayer family business has applied its philosophy of excellence since 1871.

Clara Pendant

USD 750.00

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Aurelia Pendant

USD 1,650.00

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Aum Pendant

USD 1,140.00

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Adonia Diamond Pendant

USD 2,090.00

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Amanda Forever Pendant

USD 1,170.00

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Milena Heart Pendant

USD 840.00

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Emma Infinite Pendant

USD 830.00

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Infinite Duo Pendant

USD 820.00

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Amore Twin Pendant

USD 440.00

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